Tights In The Winter: How To + Outfit Ideas

Tights are a garment that can easily look juvenile if not styled properly. I love tights in the winter and fall seasons because besides looking super adorable, they add a layer of warmth. I’ve noticed this piece tends to look less than mature when flats are involved. Plenty of women can pull this off, I’ve seen it done. I simply cannot. There’s something about it that reminds me of grade school and I need to put on heels immediately.

Tights can be worn with shorts, dresses, skirts, and even underneath jeans. There are plenty of color and design options. Some of my favorites have intricate, detailed designs on them. I personally enjoy wearing black or navy tights with a matching outfit. This is because this color is more flattering on me, and makes my legs appear smaller. While brighter, lighter colors will often make the appearance of something being larger than it actually is.

I love wearing black tights with high waisted black shorts. A high waisted over the knee skirt will work well also. For skirts and dresses, I enjoy wearing an over the knee length. I don’t find tights necessary with midi length or longer options. Over the knee or riding boots will work perfectly with this length. As for wearing tights with jeans, I like wearing ripped jeans with a high waisted fish net tight and a crop top for a trendy look.

How often do you wear tights? Let me know below in the comments! Shop more of my looks here.

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Autumn Whewell

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