Business + Technology: Why You Need Social Media

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Social media is still a growing trend. For Millennials and Gen Z, it’s become a part of our lives and it’s had a large impact on most of us. Some people have even grown up with it. What would we do without social media? We would be reading newspapers, sending letters, using word of mouth marketing, advertising strongly in magazines, billboards, and radios along with *gasp* direct marketing. 

So what has social media created? It’s formed a world that doesn’t need word of mouth marketing, where you receive the news faster on Facebook and Twitter than on the 5 o’clock actual news report. This means our world is moving faster than ever and if you want to have a successful business, then you’d better join in.

Sound confusing? Check out this post. Would you love for your brand to utilize social media but want someone who actually understands it to pick up the slack? Visit here.  

What will you accomplish with social media? For one thing it will expand your brands awareness if used correctly, along with heightening your brands image. In turn this will likely increase your engagement and followers, leading to sales.

Still not convinced? Many purchase decisions are influenced by social media through friends, blogger reviews, and influencers. (More information here). 

Most social media platforms will also give you analytics for free so that you can manage your ROI, conversions, and insights. You don’t even need to spend a dime on it. While ads can increase your brands awareness, it is definitely not necessary. If utilized correctly, social media gives the opportunity to create a modern, innovative, rapidly growing brand.

Let me know how you feel about social media in the comments and feel free to ask any questions for my next Q+A post!

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